The Valley Christian Warriors will host the Cardinal Newman Cardinals in a game that will determine which team goes on to play for the 2A CIF bowl championship next week. This is one of the biggest games in California high school 2A football because both teams are “state champs”. Not all fans will be able to attend this game so they may seek out radio broadcast and live TV streaming broadcast options.

Remember, there are 11 other semifinal games in the CIF bowl system this Friday so it is very unlikely that this game will be on regional or national TV. Do not expect ESPN, ABC, NBC or CBS to have a cable or satellite option for this game. That said, some of the more local channels might be offering highlights or some type of live updates. You might want to check Facebook or Twitter to see if anyone has a Periscope or Facebook Live stream they are doing while at the game.

Radio broadcasts are much cheaper to put online than video or TV broadcasts. That is why it is so much easier to find free radio apps when compared to trying to find video apps. Besides YouTube and Vimeo there are basically no video apps and for good reason. Do yourself a favor and download the TuneIn radio app before this game kicks off. This app will allow you to search for local or trending radio stations in your area. If you live near Valley Christian or Cardinal Newman there is a good chance some of the local AM and FM radio stations will be airing the game so you can listen to it from the comfort of your own couch or sofa.

How are you going to consume this game? Are you going to Valley Christian to buy tickets and watch? Are you going to find it on the radio?