In one of the biggest games of the year in California 3A high school football Valley Christian will host Bishop’s for a chance to play in the CIF bowl championship next week. With both of these teams being “state champs” this is going to be a great game to watch or attend. With some fans not being able to make it to this game we expect many to actively search for the Valley Christian vs Bishop’s radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed. The most diehard fans will scour the Internet to find a TV broadcast on their computer.

It is very important to note that this is just one of 12 CIF bowl championship semifinal games that will be played on Saturday night. Because of this, we cannot expect to see this game on cable or satellite TV throughout the state. It might be better to go on Facebook and Twitter to search for Periscope and Facebook Live streams from fans that are actually at the end.

Finding a radio broadcast of high school football has become much more easy over the last several years. We used to have to get out the old fashioned AM radio and try to tune it to the dial that had the game. If you weren’t close enough to that radio station you had to listen to static or could not listen to it at all. Now, we can use an iPhone or Android to download a radio app that will allow us to listen anywhere there is an Internet connection or a place in which you have cell phone coverage. We suggest downloading the TuneIn radio app as this is the app that seems to have the most local stations that air high school football on Friday and Saturday nights.