There are many arguments to be made as to where the best high school football is played. California is home to several of the top 25 football programs in the country. In fact, by looking at the top 10 it seems obvious California is a better state for high school football than Texas, right? Let’s step back and look at the big picture before making that assumption.

California is very top heavy when it comes to high school football. Yes, there are some amazing programs such as Mater Dei, St John Bosco and Centennial. While these are all top 10 programs in the country, it is important to remember that transfers are very popular in the state of California. High School football players have options which is not the case in many other states.

Even in the state of Texas, players have to play where they are located. There are many high school football players in West Texas that have only one high school option yet these programs still field some of the best teams in the nation.

Let’s say that California does have better players and potentially, better teams. They cannot compare to the fans of Texas. In Texas, high school football is a religion. This website alone proves that. A Texas high school football game gets five to 10 times the amount of traffic a California high school football game gets. Fans in Texas do not miss any game for any reason.

In California there are many options on a Friday night. So many that many high school football games are played on Saturdays. Can you imagine Texas having high school football games on Saturday during the regular season? That is blasphemy!

So, if you want to see a top heavy team with a lot of talent, go to California. If you want to see fans that live for football go to Texas.