On Saturday, December 10th, 2016 the CIF bowl championship semifinals will take place throughout California. Strathmore will host Horizon Christian Academy in the 6A semifinal game. The winner will go on to play in the championship bowl game to determine the best team in the state of California for 6A football. Some fans won’t be able to attend this game and they will seek out alternative options. Many will actively look for the Strathmore vs Horizon Christian Academy radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed. Others will look for video or TV options.

Remember, there are 11 other CIF bowl semifinals taking place on Saturday night so we cannot expect all of them to be on TV. With this being the case, it might be best to start looking for a radio broadcast or streaming option now. Fortunately, with the TuneIn radio app there are ways for iPhone and Android users to listen to high school football at their convenience. Instead of having to sit in front of a computer or laptop, fans can listen while they are on the go.

Note that the TuneIn radio app is free for all iPhone and Android users. You will find a trending stations and local stations option within the app. If you live close to either of these high schools it should not be difficult to find local AM or FM stations that are broadcasting this game. How do you plan to watch or listen to this game? Are you going to drive to Strathmore High School and watch it? Are you going to try and find a local radio broadcast?