The biggest game in Pennsylvania High School football for 2016 will be played on Saturday, December 10th at 8:00 pm in HersheyPark. The 6A PIAA state championship will be on the line as 14-1 Central Catholic takes on 13-0 St. Joseph’s Prep. This is sure to be the highlight of the weekend as many of these players will go on to play college football somewhere. With the game not being local to some fans it should come as no surprise that they do not make the trip. Many will seek out the St. Joseph’s Prep vs Central Catholic radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio or video TV feed.

As we have advanced with technology, there are more and more websites and apps that offer live radio broadcasts streaming online. We suggest downloading the TuneIn radio app as it is free and most websites that have a live streaming radio player are on this app. You can search for local stations or see what is trending in your local area. If you are in Pennsylvania you can be assured that the high school football game will be on on most local radio stations on Saturday night.

If you are seeking the ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox local network TV broadcast of this game on your computer or iPhone that will be a little bit harder to find. While local stations may broadcast the game on TV, they are not going to spend the extra money to live stream it like ESPN does with all of their sporting events. It simply costs too much money. You may find some fans hooking up their TV to a computer to live stream on or Facebook but do not expect this on YouTube.

As we get closer to these championship games you will see more and more chatter on Facebook as it relates to radio and TV broadcasts. Are you going to buy a ticket and go to this game? Are you going to stay at home and watch on TV?