On Saturday, December 10th, 2016 Pleasant Valley will take on Milpitas at Harrison Stadium in Oroville for a chance to advance to the CIF bowl championship game next week. The winner will be able to prove they are the best team in 4A high school football in the entire state of California. With both teams being “state champs” this is sure to be a fun game to watch. Because this is not a home game for either team many will look for the Pleasant Valley vs Milpitas radio broadcast live online.

When seeking a live streaming audio feed for any high school football game fans should look at the most popular apps. Years ago, we have to sit on a website in Internet Explorer while listening to the game on a realplayer. If we didn’t have realplayer we had to download it and hope that it wouldn’t buffer the entire game. Today, we can listen to live radio from the palm of our hand with an iPhone or Android smartphone.

We strongly suggest you download the TuneIn radio app which will allow you to search for local AM and FM radio stations. This app is great because it also allows you to see local stations as well as trending topics. If yo are near Pleasant Valley or Milpitas you will likely be able to find a few options that are available.

When it comes to finding a live TV or video broadcast, this is going to be harder to find. Remember, it costs much more to stream live video when compared to live audio. This is why it is smart to look for the radio broadcast first.