For an opportunity to play in the 3AA CIF bowl championship next game, Menlo-Atherton will host Manteca in what is sure to be a great game. The winner will go on to play for the 3AA bowl championship next week. With some Manteca fans not being able to make it out to Menlo-Atherton it will likely be the case that they seek out the radio broadcast options that could be streaming online. Some will even seek out the live TV streaming options.

It is important to remember that 11 other semifinal games are going on tonight so you cannot bet on this game being on TV. In fact, most fans will find that only the CIF championship bowls are on regional TV in California. With this being the case, you may want to scour Facebook and Twitter to see if there are any Periscope or Facebook Live feeds in which fans are at the game and cheering on their team.

You will likely be able to find a radio broadcast for this game. Fortunately, most radio stations have realized how important it is to stream a station on the Internet. Most radio stations that have an online player on their website are also on TuneIn. If you have an iPhone or Android you can download the TuneIn radio app for free and listen to your station of choice. There are sure to be a few AM and FM stations that will be broadcasting California high school football on Friday nights.

How are you going to watch or listen to this game? Are you going to drive to Menlo-Atherton to watch it? Are you going to look on the radio and see what is available?