On Saturday, November 18th, 2017 Kahuku will take on St Louis for the Hawaii Division 1 Open high school football state championship. This game will be played at Aloha Stadium and there is a good chance many fans will not be able to make the trip. For this reason, we expect to see a large number of fans looking for ways to watch or listen to this game on their computer or smartphone. Some will look for the Kahuku vs St Louis radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed while others will search for the local TV broadcast.

The games are available online on Spectrum PPV but they will come at quite the cost. There is currently an opportunity to watch all three Hawaii High School state championship games for $49.95. We think it is safe to say that most people are not going to shell out $50 to watch the game on their computer. When it comes to finding a live video stream of the game you may want to do some searching on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram when the game is about to kick off.

When it comes to a live radio broadcast there should be plenty of options. We strongly suggest downloading the TuneIn radio app which will allow you to search for local and trending stations in your area. If you live in Hawaii, it should not be hard to find the Kahuku vs St. Louis game on the radio. You can listen to the TuneIn radio app on your iPhone, Android or iPad. This will be very useful for those that are out and about on this November weekend.

Are you going to the game at Aloha Stadium? Are you going to watch or listen on your computer? Who do you think will win?