Throughout the south there are diehard fans that will do anything to whet their appetite for high school football. Most high school football teams can start practice in early August but do not play their first game until after the school year starts in late August. What are fans going to do during the hot summer Friday nights? Fortunately, they can attend Jamborees that are full team scrimmages that last much of the day.

Remember that most of these high school football players do not go back to school until late August so they are able to play the entire day until school starts. While most Jamborees are on Saturdays there are a few that are on Fridays as well. If you want to watch some high school football before the season starts check in your local newspaper to see where the closest Jamboree will be.

These types of events are all kinds of fun because they have a state or county fair atmosphere. You will be able to get fried chicken, turkey legs, sweet tea, deep friend candy bars and more. Some may even had rides for the younger kids to go on. There may even be some country or bluegrass music going on as well.

If your high school football team is playing in a Jamboree in August 2016 please post the schedule below so all the fans will have the opportunity to see some of the preseason scrimmages of their favorite high school football teams.