The 2017 season will kick off for both Foster and Katy Taylor on Thursday, August 31st, 2017. It is not common for a Texas high school football team to play a game on Thursday night which makes this kickoff game unique. Although it is only a 15 mile drive from Foster High School to Katy Taylor High School, there will be many fans and students that will not be able to make the tripe due to the Thursday night game. These fans will seek out the Foster vs Katy Taylor live radio broadcas online through a streaming audio feed. Some will seek out a TV broadcast online as well.

Fortunately, as more and more football fans get iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets and laptops, they can listen to high school football on the go or at their house. The TuneIn radio app will allow fans to download a radio app and search for stations in their local area. It will also show them what is popular in their area. With this being one of the only high school football games being played on Thursday, August 31st, 2017 it should come as no surprise that it will be trending.

If you are looking for a live TV broadcast online this could be a little harder to find. High schools simply do not have the money nor the resources to produce live TV coverage of these regular season games. That said, with Instagram and Facebook Live, you may now be able to find the game being shared by a student or a fan. It will be interesting to see if anyone is willing to share the game from the student section or anywhere in the stands.