This is what we have learned as it pertains to spring practice in south Florida:

South Florida allows you to have two of them (jamborees). We are also allowed 10 days of hitting in the spring.

So we do 3 weeks of practice then 1 simulated game week and we play our spring game.

In the fall the week before our first regular season game we will have another exhibition game called the “kickoff classic”

It is interesting that so many high school athletes in south Florida would be willing to give up baseball and track to participate in spring football. That being said, we are certain that most football coaches encourage their players to participate in track. This is very common as track skills only improve football speed.

There are a number of high schools that require starters to run in a certain number of track meets every single year. If student athletes do not run in two or three track meets they do not get to start the first game of the next season.

Is this true at your high school? Does your football coach encourage athletes to run track?