On Thursday, September 7th, 2017 DeSoto will take the hour trek north across Dallas to take on Denton Guyer in the second game of the season. Even though it is only an hour drive, the game is on a Thursday night meaning even the most diehard fans won’t be able to make the trip. Parents and students may have to stay home and listen or watch as there will be school and work the next day. For this reason, we expect many people to search for the DeSoto vs Denton Guyer radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed. Some will likely look for the TV broadcast as well.

Remember that this is a regular season game so we cannot expect the local TV stations to be broadcasting a TV feed for all. There may be local opportunities but we are not banking on websites streaming this event live. That said, there will be plenty of radio broadcast options. You may want to check out Champion Sports Radio or the TuneIn radio app that you can download on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. You can also look up TuneIn radio stations on your computer.

One of the best things about the TuneIn radio app is the fact that it gives you local stations and trending stations. With the DeSoto vs Denton Guyer game being one of the biggest games on Thursday, September 7th, 2017 we would imagine this to be on several trending stations.

Are you going to travel to Denton to watch this game live at Denton Guyer? Do you think DeSoto will continue their winning streak or will Guyer knock them off? Feel free to make score predictions below.