We know that Texas high schools with spring training can start conditioning on August 14th with the first day of full contact being the 18th of August. This leaves just one date for a scrimmage game – August 25th. Teams can opt for a second scrimmage on August 30th but that means they will not play a game during week 1. Very few, if any teams opt for the second scrimmage. So, who will DeSoto being playing in their first scrimmage?

At this point, there has been no public announcement in terms of the scrimmage opponent or if there will be a scrimmage at all. With DeSoto being one of the best teams in the entire United States, it may very well be the case that Todd Peterman has a full contact scrimmage with his own first and second squad.

Do you know who DeSoto will play in their scrimmage? Are they going to take on another team or keep it within their own team? Please comment below if you know the answer to this.