Del Oro will host Bakersfield for a chance to play in the 1A CIF bowl championship game next week. Even though these teams have not had the undefeated seasons they had hoped for, they can seal the deal on a great 2016 season with a win in the 1A CIF bowl championship. With this being such an important game for both teams we expect to see many looking for the Del Oro vs Bakersfield radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed. Do not be surprised to see many looking for the TV broadcast online as well.

As kickoff approaches most will find that it is much easier to find a radio broadcast when compared to a TV broadcast. This is because it is much cheaper to live stream audio files vs video files. There is a very good reason only YouTube has as many videos as it does online. You may want to download the TuneIn radio app for this game. This app will allow you to look for local and trending radio stations in your area.

If you want to see the game you may want to look for Facebook Live or Periscope live feeds of the game. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to search both Facebook and Twitter so find your radio broadcast before going down that road. You could end up searching for hours only to find bad links or fake news. We always suggest looking for the local radio stations before making any assumptions that a football game will be aired on live TV.