The Ohio High School football playoffs kick off on Friday, November 4th with one of the big games in the VI division being Chesapeake vs Barnesville. Chesapeake will be hosting the game that kicks off at 7:30 pm. Both of these one loss teams will look to advance to the second round of the playoffs. It is a 200 mile trip for Barnesville fans that want to watch this game live. For that reason, look for many to seek out the Chesapeake vs Barnesville radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed.

Do not expect a lot of TV stations to air high school football games during the first weekend of the playoffs. There will be a large number of radio stations that will be broadcasting games all over the state. The TuneIn radio app is the best option when looking for ways to stream live radio. You can search for local stations or find “trending” stations to see what is popular in your area. If the game is on a local AM or FM station you can bet it is going to be trending.

You may also want to utilize Twitter to search for hashtags related to the playoff games. There are a number of Twitter accounts that will update scores all night. If you are looking for a specific game on the radio, do not hesitate to comment below so we can help you find a live link. You may also want to access the Chesapeake High School official page to get more information on tickets and parking for the game.