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When Does Pennsylvania High School Football Practice Start in 2017?

In 2017, Pennsylvania high school football teams cannot begin practice prior to August 14th, 2017. Part of this has to do with heat and part of it is the general scheduling. There are thousands of high school football players in the state of Pennsylvania that want to get started as soon as possible but they cannot do so with a coach until August 14th.

Some will look for indoor fitness facilities to get those last minute workouts in. It is well known that gaining strength through squats, bench press, power cleans and deadlifts will only make high school football players better. That said, it is important to remember that form is extremely important when lifting weights as a high school athlete.

Do you think the start date for practice in Pennsylvania should moved up to August 1st or is the second week in August the best time for practice to start?

When Does Florida High School Football Practice Start in 2017?

In 2017, Florida high school football practice begins as follows:

First practice date – non contact (Week 6) – July 31
First practice date – contact (Week 6) – Aug. 5
Preseason classic competitions (Week 8) – Aug. 16-19
Deadline for Non-Traditional sudent to register intent with AD (Week 9) – Aug. 21
First regular season playing date (Week 9) – Aug. 24
Last district playing date (Week 18) – Oct. 28
State entry list due (Week 19) – Oct. 30
Last regular season playing date (Week 19) – Nov. 4


When Does Texas High School Football Practice Start in 2017?

In 2017, Texas high school football practice begins as follows:

Date Event or Deadline
August 7 First day of conditioning (No contact activities permitted. No contact equipment except helmets may be worn.)
August 11 First day of contact
August 18 First scrimmage
August 23 Second scrimmage (5 Day Rule applies)
August 28 Third scrimmage (Schools opting for a third scrimmage shall not play during week one)
Date Event or Deadline
August 14 First day of conditioning
August 18 First day of contact
August 25 First scrimmage
August 30 Second scrimmage (Schools opting for a second scrimmage shall not play during week one)

Snapchat High School Football Team Accounts

It is almost time for the 2016 high school football season. With diehard fans throughout the country looking to get the “behind the scenes” look at their favorite programs or alma maters, it should come as no surprise that many true fans will try to find the official Snapchat account of their team.

If you know the official Snapchat account of your high school football team please post it in the comments below. We would love to get a list of team Snapchat accounts. This will allow us to enjoy Friday nights even more.

In the comment post the name of your high school and the Snapchat account name. Over time we will update this page so we have HS teams from Texas, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and more.

When Will 2016 HS Football Schedules Come Out?

UPDATE: The 2016 Georgia High School football schedules were released on March 22nd, 2016. They are currently being published to this website.

This is a question we have been getting asked quite a lot over the last few weeks. Remember that athletic directors are working right now to square away the 2016 schedule. We look for most schedules to be ready by the end of the school year. Note that athletic directors are often coaches of other sports like wrestling, track and field or baseball.

With this being the case, the coach and athletic director has to get through the season before planning the next season. If we are lucky, some of the HS football schedules will be available to us by the time spring games are over.

Most high schools cannot start practicing until August 1st, 2016 so the schedule won’t matter much until then. Look for some of the best teams in each state to start planning scrimmages and jamborees in mid August. Although it will be extremely hot, coaches want to see what their players can do before the actual season starts.

Do not be surprised to see scrimmages in just shoulder pads and helmets. Some will run skeleton drills in which it will be 7 on 7 with just a QB, RB and WRs. Some teams will sneak some TE throws in, but it will mostly be WRs and RBs. The defense will just have linebackers, corners and safeties. In essence, it is just the skill positions that will get to enjoy these types of scrimmages.

The offensive and defensive linemen might not get full pad game action until the last when in August which will be the first game.

Florida High School Spring Practice and Game Rules

This is what we have learned as it pertains to spring practice in south Florida:

South Florida allows you to have two of them (jamborees). We are also allowed 10 days of hitting in the spring.

So we do 3 weeks of practice then 1 simulated game week and we play our spring game.

In the fall the week before our first regular season game we will have another exhibition game called the “kickoff classic”

It is interesting that so many high school athletes in south Florida would be willing to give up baseball and track to participate in spring football. That being said, we are certain that most football coaches encourage their players to participate in track. This is very common as track skills only improve football speed.

There are a number of high schools that require starters to run in a certain number of track meets every single year. If student athletes do not run in two or three track meets they do not get to start the first game of the next season.

Is this true at your high school? Does your football coach encourage athletes to run track?

What is a High School Football Jamboree?

Throughout the south there are diehard fans that will do anything to whet their appetite for high school football. Most high school football teams can start practice in early August but do not play their first game until after the school year starts in late August. What are fans going to do during the hot summer Friday nights? Fortunately, they can attend Jamborees that are full team scrimmages that last much of the day.

Remember that most of these high school football players do not go back to school until late August so they are able to play the entire day until school starts. While most Jamborees are on Saturdays there are a few that are on Fridays as well. If you want to watch some high school football before the season starts check in your local newspaper to see where the closest Jamboree will be.

These types of events are all kinds of fun because they have a state or county fair atmosphere. You will be able to get fried chicken, turkey legs, sweet tea, deep friend candy bars and more. Some may even had rides for the younger kids to go on. There may even be some country or bluegrass music going on as well.

If your high school football team is playing in a Jamboree in August 2016 please post the schedule below so all the fans will have the opportunity to see some of the preseason scrimmages of their favorite high school football teams.