On Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 Brownsville Veterans Memorial will make the hour trip northwest to start their high school football season at Edinburg. With this game being played on a Saturday, we would imagine a large number of fans won’t be able to make the trip. For this reason, a large contingent of these fans will seek out the Brownsville Veterans Memorial Early College High School vs Edinburg radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed. Some will even look for the TV broadcast feed.

It is important to remember that most Texas high schools do not have the money to support a live television broadcast that is streaming online. There might be fans that are broadcasting on Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or Snapchat but do not expect to see a TV broadcast on a regional or national channel. Instead, it would be a good idea to download the TuneIn radio app which will allow you to search for local and trending radio stations.

The TuneIn radio app is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. You can also look up radio stations on the TuneIn website on your computer browser. It is a wise choice to look for your options well before the game kicks off.

Are you planning on listening to this game on the radio or will you make the trip to watch it live? Who do you think will win this season opener game?