On Friday, October 13th, 2017 Bartlett will take on Chugiak for a chance to play in the Alaska Division I state championship game next week. This game will be played at the Anchorage Football Stadium and will kick off around 8:00 pm. Unfortunately, some fans will not be able to make the trip to Anchorage so they will actively seek other options. Some will look for the Bartlett vs Chugiak radio broadcast while others will look for TV broadcast feeds online.

Fortunately, you will be able to buy a subscription and watch the video or TV broadcast here. This may end up costing less than actually going to the game because of the cost of a ticket, the gas to get there and the food when you get into the game. This is something to consider before you make the trip to Anchorage Football Stadium this Friday night.

If you are looking for the radio broadcast of this game, we suggest downloading the TuneIn radio app. This will allow you to search for local stations in your area or the trending stations that are most popular right now. If you search on Friday night you are sure to find the Alaska state high school championship games or other playoff games as this is what most people will be listening to.

Who do you think will win the game between Bartlett and Chugiak? Are you going to the game?