On Saturday, December 9th, 2017, at noon, Austin McCallum will take on Corpus Christi Calallen to advance in the Texas 5A DII high school football playoffs. This game will be played at the Alamodome meaning it is not exactly a home game for either team. Both teams head into the game at 13-0 but Calallen will be the clear favorite. If you are unable to attend this game live, there is a good chance you will look for the McCallum vs Calallen radio broadcast live online through a streaming audio feed. The most diehard fans that cannot attend will look for a TV broadcast link.

Note that live streaming sites including Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live and YouTube Live to stream the game is strictly prohibited and in direct violation of the UIL’s agreement with its broadcast partners. This is important to know before looking for Instagram or Facebook live links for hours. Finding a broadcast partner should not be that difficult. We suggest using TSRN Sports as they tend to broadcast the more popular high school football games in the state of Texas.

Finding a radio broadcast is as easy as downloading the TuneIn radio app. This application will help users search for AM and FM radio stations that have a live streaming broadcast feed. Once you have downloaded the TuneIn radio app on your iPhone or Android you can then search by category. You will also be able to see trending station in your local area. This is an app that is used by many diehard high school football fans through Texas and the entire country.

Are you going to drive to San Antonio to watch the game in the Alamodome? Who do you think is going to win the game and advance to the next round?