Riley Dodge, former Southlake Carroll quarterback was recently arrested for driving under the influence in Texas with his infant son, wife, and well-known coaching father in the car.

A report from the Southlake Police Department states that Dodge, the new offensive coordinator for Flower Mount Marcus, hit a pedestrian warning sign with the right side of his car. When this occurred, the vehicle, sign, and pole all suffered from serious damage. The worst aspect of this whole situation is the fact that at the time of the accident, Dodge’s wife, father, and 11-month-old son were all in the car.

Todd Dodge, Dodge’s father, is a Texas coaching legend. He led Southlake Carroll to state and national titles and coached for North Texas from 2007 to 2010, when his son, Riley Dodge was a quarterback. After he left North Texas in 2011, he became a coach in Pittsburgh prior to returning to Texas high school football at Marble Falls in 2012 and 2013. Dodge’s father left Marble Falls to coach Austin power Westlake in 2014 and will shortly begin his third season with the Chaparrals.

Chris Lewis, Riley Dodge’s attorney, explains that once the results from his blood test are returned, he will be cleared. According to Lewis, the crash was an accident that happened as a result of Dodge turning around to care for his son who was crying at the time. Lewis reinforces the fact that Dodge was not drinking, partying, or out late one night. He simply ate an early dinner with his family and spent a quiet evening in Southlake.

Lewis explains that it is unfortunate Lewis admitted to drinking some alcohol earlier in the evening and the accident was witnessed by police. If convicted in the future, Dodge may pay the consequences of six months to two years in jail and a significant fine. However, it is more likely for Lewis to receive a more minor fine and probation of an interdeterminate length.